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Hospital Conduct Active Follow-Up Workflow Diagram

The hospital conduct active follow-up workflow diagram shows the overall procedural flow of the functions. A text description of the diagram and legend may be found below. For information about reading diagrams, see Diagram Conventions.

Hospital Conduct Active Follow-Up Workflow Diagram

Workflow Diagram Legend

Legend for Workflow Diagram

The conduct active follow-up use case begins when cancer registry (CR) software selects abstracts that meet the criteria for active follow-up.

The CR software performs patient linkage between the CR database and the death to identify a match. For matching cases, CR software displays information on matching patients. The registrar validates the displayed information, and the CR software updates the abstract appropriately. If the cancer status is known after patient linkage with death files, the process stops.

If the displayed information is not acceptable or if the cancer status is unknown, the registrar selects the appropriate follow-up form type, and the CR software creates the follow-up form. The registrar sends the follow-up form to the physician electronically.

The respondent logs into the CR software follow-up notification system. The CR software displays follow-up data items to the respondent. Respondent reviews the displayed information, makes revisions as appropriate, and enters follow-up information. The CR software stores the information from the follow-up entry system in a separate database table. The registrar validates it, and the CR software updates cancer registry abstract.

If the registrar cannot send the follow-up form electronically, the registrar mails the printed form to the physician. The respondent completes the paper follow-up form and returns it to the cancer registry. The registrar enters follow-up information from the printed follow-up form into the abstract and scans and archives paper follow-up form.

The registrar updates the contact "first choice" to be used for the next follow-up activity, and the process stops.