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Hospital Abstracting Workflow Diagram

The hospital abstracting workflow diagram shows the overall procedural flow of the functions. A text description of the diagram and legend may be found below. For information about reading diagrams, see Diagram Conventions.

Hospital Abstracting Workflow Diagram

Workflow Diagram Legend

Legend for Workflow Diagram

The Perform Abstracting use case begins after the Perform Casefinding and Passive Follow-up process has been performed and the event report is in the cancer registry (CR) ToBeNewlyAbstracted table.

The registrar selects a case to abstract from the ToBeNewlyAbstracted table. The CR software checks whether this case has event reports waiting for review of reportability and processes them. The CR software then creates and auto-populates a new cancer abstract using all of the event reports in the ToBeAbstracted table for that patient.

The CR software displays the abstract and the event reports for the registrar to process. The CR software creates and auto-populates additional abstracts based on the registrar's determination that more than one cancer is present. The registrar verifies that the auto-populated data are accurate and makes revisions as needed. The data source may be notified if the data are incorrect. The registrar adds data to the abstract based on the review of the event reports, and requests more information from the data source if needed.

The registrar determines the level of completion and sets the status flag and timestamp for the abstract. The CR software sets the reporting and end point triggers and stores information in the MatchedEventReports table, and the process stops.