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CCR Approve a Pathology Laboratory for Electronic Reporting Data Flow Diagram

The Approve a Pathology Laboratory for Electronic Reporting data flow diagram shows the detailed procedural flow of control of the function. A text description of the diagram and legend may be found below. For information about reading diagrams, see Diagram Conventions.

Data Flow Diagram Legend

Data Flow Diagram Legend

The approve a pathology laboratory for electronic reporting use case has four actors: the pathology laboratory information system, pathology laboratory staff, cancer registry software, and cancer registry staff.

The process starts after a pathology laboratory and cancer registry staff performs an assessment of the laboratory’s capabilities to report electronically to the cancer registry. The laboratory then creates and validates a test message before sending to the cancer registry for their review. The cancer registry staff will review the test message and compare it with paper reports to validate the completeness and accuracy of the report. If the pathology laboratory successfully creates and transmits a conformant electronic file of pathology reports, then the process stops.

Business Rules (BR)

For details of the business rules and software requirements, please refer to the Approve a Pathology Laboratory for Electronic Reporting [PDF-936KB].

  • BR01, BR02, BR03, BR04, and BR05 apply to the cancer registry and pathology laboratory staff assessing the pathology laboratory’s capabilities and determining the laboratory can begin implementing the process of reporting to cancer registries.
  • BR06, BR07, and BR08 apply to pathology laboratory creating a test message in accordance with the NPCR-AERRO Use Case 1.1: Hospital and Central Cancer Registries Prepare and Transmit Event Report Use Case.
  • BR09 applies to the pathology laboratory validating the test message using the Messaging Workbench.
  • BR010, BR011, and BR012 apply to the transmission of a test message to the cancer registry.
  • BR013 applies to the verification of the test message by cancer registry staff as accurate and complete.
  • BR014 applies to comparison of printed pathology reports with the test message.