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NPCR-AERRO Hospital Operations Workgroup

Purpose and Goals

The Hospital Operations Workgroup was formed after the Strategic Assessment and Modeling Session (SAMS) held in Richmond, Virginia, in February 2006. It focused on the automation of hospital health records and cancer registration processes as they relate to e-reporting.

Requirements Findings for Hospital SAMS, February 2006 [PDF-329KB]

The workgroup consisted of participants from the February 2006 SAMS. The purpose of the workgroup was to—

  • Develop and deliver the hospital module of the NPCR-AERRO model.
  • Create a best practice use case for each cancer registry function identified at the SAMS.

The workgroup met regularly to further the NPCR-AERRO hospital operations activities.

Activities and Timeline

The workgroup reviewed and revised diagrams, developed guidelines and recommendations for enhancing hospital operations to use electronic reporting and automation, and collaborated on the development of an implementation strategy. Below is a list of products completed as part of workgroup activities.

CyberView: The latest versions of completed models, UML diagrams, and use case documents are available in this Web-based presentation tool that opens in a new browser window. CyberView provides a view of the models at different levels of granularity with easy drill-down navigation.


Use Case Task Status Release Date
1.1 Approve a Pathology Laboratory for Electronic Reporting Use Case Complete September 2011
1.2 Prepare and Transmit Event Report Complete August 2009
1.3 Receive Batch File Complete October 2007
1.4 Validate Event Report Complete October 2007
1.5 Perform Casefinding and Passive Follow-Up Complete October 2007
1.6 Perform Abstracting Complete October 2007
1.7 Validate and Edit Abstracted Data Complete August 2009
2.0 Submit Data to Central Cancer Registry and National Cancer Data Base Complete August 2009
3.1 Conduct Active Follow-up Complete August 2009
3.2 Perform Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Deferred None
4.0 Perform Analysis Deferred None
5.1 Handle Security Defer to NAACCR IT/ROC (Registry Operations Committee) Security Workgroup None
5.2 Conduct Education and Training Defer to NAACCR, NPCR, SEER, and CCR registries None