DP19-1906: Multiple Approaches to Support Young Breast Cancer Survivors and Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

The program’s purpose is to increase the availability of supportive services for young breast cancer survivors (YBCS), young women with metastatic breast cancer (mBC), and their caregivers and families by supporting organizations that serve this population. The recipients will address strategies relevant to the target audience. These include—

  • The establishment of a network of survivors and caregivers to facilitate policy, system, and environmental change (PSE) interventions that increase access to lifestyle programs, clinical preventive services, and cancer care among survivors;
  • Development and implementation of innovative technological educational opportunities for health care providers on topics relevant to the delivery of appropriate treatment and care of YBCS and mBC; and
  • Utilization of patient navigation (PN) and community health worker (CHW) program strategies to reach underserved populations to enhance their access to and utilization of YBCS services and programs.