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“African-American Men and Lung Cancer” Infographic

African-American Men and Lung Cancer

African-American Men and Lung Cancer

Protect Your Family and Yourself!

African-American men have the highest rates of lung cancer in the U.S.

Lung cancers are mostly caused by smoking.

When you smoke around your family, everyone smokes! The smoke from your cigarettes, called secondhand smoke, can cause lung cancer and other health problems in people who have never smoked, even kids.

There’s no safe way to smoke. Menthol cigarettes are just as dangerous as non-menthol cigarettes.

It’s never too late to quit. Your risk for lung cancer goes down when you quit, no matter how old you are or how long you have smoked.

Quitting can be hard, and you may need help. For free help quitting, visit, call 1-(800)-QUIT-NOW, or text the word QUIT to 47848 from your mobile phone.