Cancer Simulations for Health Care Providers

In these virtual human simulations, health care providers can interact with patients in a clinical encounter to help improve their consultation skills. You can practice talking to patients about their mental health, neutropenia, and prostate cancer, and get feedback about your approach.

Talk to someone: explore talking to patients about prostate cancer

In this interactive experience, you can practice helping patients make decisions about prostate cancer screening and treatment. You’ll learn a streamlined shared decision-making framework and get feedback on your approach.

Boosting Cancer Recovery

Dr. Wei explains how Linda provides information approved by CDC’s medical experts to encourage healthy behaviors in an empathetic way. Linda builds a foundation of knowledge and motivation so your conversations with survivors are more targeted and efficient.

TINA: Talking About Infection and Neutropenia Awareness

This simulation helps educate patients and providers about preventing infections during chemotherapy.

Provider-Education for Mental Health Care of Cancer Survivors Training

This simulation helps improve knowledge about mental health care for cancer survivors and promotes recommended distress screening.

Screenshot of Let’s Talk: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer Survivors simulation

This simulation allows providers to practice effective communication techniques for discussing nutrition, physical activity, and obesity risk with cancer survivors.