Gynecologic Cancer Podcasts

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Radio Public Service Announcements

These public service announcements (PSAs) were developed by the Inside Knowledge campaign for organizations and individuals to share with local media.

Are You Listening?
Not Just Words

This public service announcement discusses the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of gynecologic cancer.

60-second version [MP3-2.3MB] | Transcript [PDF-9KB]

30-second version [MP3-1.2MB] | Transcript [PDF-10KB]

Other Podcasts

CDC Vital Signs logo

Screening tests and HPV vaccination can help prevent cervical cancer.

Podcast [MP3-1.7MB] | Transcript [PDF-159KB]

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

A young mom’s world is turned upside-down when she’s diagnosed with cervical cancer. Learn what she’s doing to protect her kids from HPV-associated cancers.

Podcast [MP3-1.7MB] | Transcript [PDF-146KB]

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