Patient Management and Screening

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The workup for patients with symptoms of or suspected uterine cancer—

For women older than age 35 with irregular or heavy bleeding, consider—

  • Medical history (for example, symptoms of thyroid disease, bleeding diathesis).
  • Pregnancy test.
  • TVU or other imaging.
  • Uterine biopsy or dilation and curettage (D&C).
  • Pelvic exam.
  • Pap test (risk of cervical lesion).

If you suspect uterine cancer or uterine sampling confirms cancer, refer the patient to or consult with a gynecologic oncologist.

Screening and Early Detection for Average-Risk Patients

There is no recommended uterine cancer screening test, and there is no evidence that screening by ultrasonography or endometrial sampling reduces mortality from uterine cancer.

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Answer: Pregnancy test, TVU or other imaging, uterine sampling, and a pelvic exam.

Page last reviewed: September 14, 2015