Inside Knowledge Campaign Research

CDC has conducted extensive research as part of its Inside Knowledge campaign development, including—

  • Convening a meeting of gynecologic cancer experts to exchange information on public health messaging and strategies to raise awareness among women about gynecologic cancer. This information provided CDC with a general framework for the campaign.
  • Reviewing existing educational materials and messages, identifying gaps, and assessing the need for new materials.
  • Commissioning questions and analyzing data from Porter Novelli’s HealthStyles and DocStyles surveys to understand women’s and health care providers’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to gynecologic cancer.
  • Conducting formative research and focus group testing with women across the U.S. to understand their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs related to gynecologic cancers, and to identify creative approaches and strategies to deliver the campaign’s messages effectively.
  • Conducting formative research with gynecologists, primary care physicians, and nurse practitioners to understand their knowledge, attitudes, and clinical practices related to gynecologic health and gynecologic cancer, and to assess the usefulness of campaign educational materials.