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Breast Cancer Podcasts

Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) PodcastsEstimating Mammography Program Use in South Dakota (October 2018)
Podcast (4:35) Transcript [PDF-45KB]
Calla Holzahauser talks about her recently published research, which estimates the number of women in South Dakota who will participate in a free breast cancer screening program from 2017 through 2022.

Photo of CarlettaMy Motivated Moment: Carletta (September 2018)
Podcast (10:42) Transcript [PDF-50KB]
Carletta found the strength to beat breast cancer by mapping out her own strategy.

Photo of CarolineMy Motivated Moment: Caroline (September 2018)
Podcast (8:32) Transcript [PDF-24KB]
Caroline addressed her BRCA gene mutation after learning her mom had breast cancer.

Photo of EmilyMy Motivated Moment: Emily (September 2018)
Podcast (6:41) Transcript [PDF-24KB]
Emily took her future into her own hands after discovering her BRCA gene mutation.

Photo of JenniferMy Motivated Moment: Jennifer (September 2018)
Podcast (11:48) Transcript [PDF-53KB]
Jen took her health and her future firmly into her own hands.

Photo of JayMy Motivated Moment: Jay (September 2018)
Podcast (9:25) Transcript [PDF-49KB]
Jen’s husband, Jay, stood by her and supported her difficult decisions throughout her breast cancer journey.

Photo of JayMy Motivated Moment: Jennifer and Jay (September 2018)
Podcast (9:25) Transcript [PDF-63KB]
Jay followed Jen’s lead in helping her get the care she needed and demanded.

Photo of MeaganMy Motivated Moment: Meagan (September 2018)
Podcast (8:43) Transcript [PDF-24KB]
Meagan found a lump in her own breast and found the courage to get it checked out.

Photo of Pam BryantBreast Cancer Survivorship—A Personal Story (September 2016)
Podcast (5:34) Transcript [PDF-247KB]
Pam Bryant, a breast cancer survivor, talks about her personal journey and how being diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 45 has impacted her life.

Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) PodcastsWomen and Cancer: Examining Breast Cancer-Screening Behaviors and Survival (July 2015)
Podcast (5:34) Transcript [PDF-159KB]
Dr. Siran Koroukian answers questions about CDC’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program grantee in Ohio and discusses the effectiveness of the program among low-income women enrolled in Medicare.

CDC Vital Signs logoDefeating Breast Cancer (November 2012)
Podcast (1:15) Transcript [PDF-31KB]
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States. Better screening and treatment have contributed to a decline in breast cancer deaths, but not all women have benefited equally. Learn how we all can help reduce breast cancer deaths.

The African American Women and Mass Media campaign featured radio public service announcements that include testimonials by local breast cancer survivors in August 2008.