Focus Area: Capacity Building for Providers and Staff

Cervical Cancer Screening Change Package

The capacity building for providers and staff focus area includes tools and resources for health care staff to increase knowledge and skills, improve cancer screening practices, and monitor and report on screening performance.

Focus area, change concept, change idea, tools and resources
  • Change concepts are “general notions that are useful for developing more specific strategies for changing a process.”1
  • Change ideas are evidence-based or practice-based “actionable, specific ideas or strategies.”1
  • Each change idea is linked to tools and resources that can be used or adapted to improve cancer screening.


  • Tools and resources with a symbol may contain some information that does not reflect the current US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations for cervical cancer screening.
  • Tools and resources with a symbol are patient resources.

See a list of acronyms used in this change package.

Change Concept: Increase provider and staff knowledge, skills, and motivation to improve screening.

Tools and Resources, by Change Idea

Promote continuing education opportunities to increase provider knowledge and skills.
Offer telementoring to help providers and staff stay current on screening recommendations, guidelines, practices, and approaches.
Train staff and providers on cancer screening and quality improvement.

Change Concept: Prepare the clinical team.

Tools and Resources, by Change Idea

Identify patients who are eligible and due for screening prior to their appointment.
Implement pre-visit planning into workflows.
Use clinical decision support tools to ensure that indicated screening orders or actions occur during the visit.

Change Concept: Provide individual and system-level feedback on screening measures.

Tools and Resources, by Change Idea

Use audits and feedback to measure and report on screening performance.
Monitor and evaluate screening performance at the provider and health care facility levels.
Establish and communicate screening performance goals at the provider and health care facility levels.


1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Tobacco Cessation Change Package. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; 2019.