Cancer Research

CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC) conducts and supports studies, often in collaboration with partners, to develop and apply sound science to reduce the burden of cancer and eliminate health disparities. This research uses many different areas of expertise (behavioral science, economics, epidemiology, health services, medicine, and statistics) to address the public health research needs of DCPC programs, health care providers, people affected by cancer, and the larger comprehensive cancer control community.

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Featured Research

Only 1 in 8 people who met the criteria to be screened for lung cancer reported being screened as recommended. Read Article »

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DCPC scientists author or co-author many articles that are published in scientific journals each year. Selected articles have been summarized.
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Some cancer risk factors can be linked closely to certain age ranges. While you can’t avoid getting older, some cancers appear later in life because of actions taken over many years. CDC scientists and other experts created the Cancer Prevention Across the Lifespan workgroup to learn how cancer can be prevented at different ages.
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