Program Strategies and Activities

To achieve program outcomes, recipients must implement activities across four strategies: surveillance, public awareness and education, provider education, and partnership development to foster systems and policy change. While some activities are required in the surveillance strategy, the applicant is responsible for providing a complete description of the development, implementation, and evaluation of all other proposed activities. Examples of potential activities are in the funding opportunity, relevant peer-reviewed literature, and the Tier 1 Genomic Applications Toolkit for Public Health Departments.

Applicants are encouraged to develop innovative activities. Activity development should consider available resources, existing data, potential partners, published literature in related fields to identify promising practices or evidence-based interventions, and behavior change theory. Community GuideExternal reviews provide a summary of the evidence available in the published literature on a variety of topics and types of interventions. While the Community Guide does not have recommendations for cancer genomics, looking at the recommendations for cancer screening may inform the types of interventions that can be implemented and evaluated in this setting. We recommend all applicants consider local context when developing activities to ensure the program addresses population needs. This should include reviewing available data and considering any relevant changes to the proposed activities in the work plan after completing a baseline assessment required in the first six months of funding.

As programs develop activities within each strategy, it is important to consider multi-level and multi-component approaches. Multi-level approaches require the consideration of factors at the policy, community, organization, interpersonal, and intrapersonal levels in the program planning process. Multicomponent approaches describe a combination of activities working toward the same health outcome.

The four strategies outlined in the funding opportunity on the following pages.