Developing Your Work Plan

Applicants are required to submit a work plan. The work plan should provide a connection between period of performance outcomes (specifically those bolded in the logic model and any additional outcomes elected by the applicant) and the activities proposed by the applicant. The applicant can do this by identifying annual objectives that work toward the period of performance outcomes that will be achieved through their proposed activities. The work plan should be highly detailed for the first year, including a list of key tasks that will be completed by staff and partners to implement the proposed activities. A high-level plan can be provided for the rest of the period of performance. Applicants do not need to include tasks related to the hiring and onboarding of staff in their work plan, but should be prepared to discuss updates with their project officer.

A complete work plan has—

  • Period of performance outcomes that the program will address, including all of the bold outcomes in the logic model, and a relevant outcome measure for each. Applicants should include one or two sentences describing how they will monitor and report progress on outcomes, including the frequency which with they will submit data summaries, results, or performance measures.
  • Annual objectives set by the applicant that show progress towards period of performance outcomes and a relevant indicator. These should be specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time-phased.
  • Activities that address all of the strategies and outcomes described in the NOFO. Each activity proposed in the project narrative should include a one- or two-sentence description, a process measure for evaluation, measures that will be used in the evaluation of the activity, and the target population, if any.

The work plan should be organized with outcomes as the main headings, and an annual objective for year 1 listed for each outcome addressed by the program. It is most likely that multiple activities will be developed to address an outcome. If a particular activity leads to multiple outcomes, it should be described under each outcome measure.

Applicants may submit their work plan in any format, as long as it contains adequate detail. A suggested template is available.