BRFSS 1985 Survey Data and Documentation

Data Files

There are 25,221 records for 1985. More information on participation is available in the States Conducting Surveillance by Year table. The data files are provided in both ASCII and SAS Transport formats.

1985 BRFSS Data (SAS Transport Format) Cdc-zip[ZIP – 2 MB]
This file was exported from SAS V8.2 in the XPT transport format. This file contains 100 variables. This format can be imported into SPSS or STATA.

SAS Resources

The following files are included for use with SAS software developed by SAS Institute Inc. The SAS files are programs that can be read using any text editor. Save SAS files as plain text files.

transprt Cdc-sas[SAS – 3 KB]
SAS for Windows program to convert the XPT (SAS Transport) file into a SAS dataset.