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HealthStyles Survey — Public Beliefs and Attitudes About Breastfeeding: 2011

The HealthStyles survey is one of a pair of linked postal mail surveys sent to a sample of adults aged 18 years and older (Starting in 2011, these surveys have been conducted online). It is drawn to be nationally representative of seven U.S. Census Bureau demographic characteristics. The first survey is a consumer survey about general media habits, product use, interests, and lifestyle. The second survey, HealthStyles, focuses on health orientations and practices. This survey has been administered annually since 1995. From 1995 through 2001 it was linked with the DDB Needham LifeStyles consumer survey. Beginning in 2002 it is linked with the Porter Novelli ConsumerStyles survey. HealthStyles is a proprietary database product of Porter Novelli and is licensed by the CDC for audience analysis in health communication planning.

For additional information regarding CDC's involvement in the annual Healthstyles Survey, visit the CDC Office of Communications.

HealthStyles Questions and Data by Year

All items are coded on the likert scale of 1 to 5 from strongly disagree, moderately disagree, neither disagree nor agree, moderately agree, or strongly agree.

2011 HealthStyles Survey Items

Question # Analyzed
Agree Neither
1. I believe employers should provide a private room for breastfeeding mothers to pump their milk at work. 4034 56.02 27.81 16.16
2. Infant formula is as good as breast milk. 4026 18.08 24.64 57.28
3. I believe employers should provide flexible work schedules, such as flexible break times, for breastfeeding mothers. 4030 64.39 24.49 11.12

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