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Jumble Gym - Game

Fill in the blank or see if you can guess the correct word to go with each definition.

Question Icon Ability to be active for long periods of time. ________ is one of the three elements of fitness.

A girl playing soccer

Question Icon The substances in food that build strong bodies and provide the necessary energy to achieve peak performance.

Question IconAbility to stretch or bend, move with ease. ________ and endurance are two of the three elements of fitness.

Question Icon Activity that works your heart and lungs. It increases your heart rate while you are active. You should shoot for at least 60 minutes of activity a day, including _______ activity.

Question Icon Without oxygen. _________ exercise is fast, intense, and brief. Think of a quick burst, like sprinting. Your muscles move so fast that oxygen can’t get deep into them. If you “feel the burn” then your body is building muscle.