The Roaring Adventures of Puff (RAP): A Childhood Asthma Education Program

Implemented in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by MAS Consultants Inc., P.O. Box 5130 Aiken, South Carolina 29804.

The Roaring Adventures of Puff (RAP): Program Modifications

Capital Health instructors implement RAP in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Alberta Asthma Center. All the designed information is provided to the children during the six lesson periods. However, Capitol Health instructors have reorganized some of the information within the six lessons. No learning objectives or supporting instructional materials have been eliminated from the program (Table 4).

Table 4: Changes in the sequencing of information from the original RAP
Original RAP Program Capital Health Reordered RAP Program
Physiology of asthma (Lesson 2) Moved to Lesson 1
Airway model construction (Lesson 2) Moved to Lesson 1
Peak flow meter discussion/demo (Lesson 1) Moved to Lesson 5
Peak flow and asthma action plan (Lesson 1) Moved to Lesson 5
Page last reviewed: April 24, 2009