Lifestyle Management Programs

The CDC Arthritis Management and Wellbeing Program promotes recognized, evidence-based programs that are proven to improve the quality of life of adults with arthritis and helps make them available in communities across the country. Recognized programs are those that have shown improvements in arthritis symptoms, such as pain or limitations in function, and that have some level of support for program oversight and organized, wide-scale delivery. Promising programs are programs with promising evaluation data and which are building the infrastructure to support program delivery across the country. Over time, these programs may be elevated to a recognized status.

Compendium of Arthritis-Appropriate Interventions

This compendium of CDC-recognized programs (last updated in 2012) is a concise, standardized review of evidence-based programs. Program planners and facilitators may use this compendium to choose programs. Compendium of Arthritis Appropriate Physical Activity and Self-Management Education Interventions pdf icon[PDF – 1.06MB]

Marketing Tools to Promote Lifestyle Management Programs

CDC and our partners created tools that can be used to promote physical activity and self-management education intervention programs to potential program participants or referrers. Tools currently available include

CDC-Recognized Arthritis Appropriate, Evidenced-Based Interventions
Program Name Recognized/Newly Recognized In-Person/Remote Program Benefits
Physical Activity Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Recognized In Person Joint range of motion, stretching, breathing, light aerobic activities.
Active Living Everyday Recognized In Person Increasing physical activity for older adults with sedentary lifestyles in group settings.
Enhance® Fitness Recognized In Person/Remote (undergoing evaluation) Stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics and strength training exercises.
Fit & Strong! Recognized In Person/Remote (undergoing evaluation) People with lower-extremity joint pain and stiffness, and osteoarthritis.
Fit & Strong! Plus Recognized In Person/Remote (undergoing evaluation) Physical activity plus weight loss version of Fit & Strong!
Walk with Ease – Group Recognized In Person Community-based walking with discussion about physical activity and arthritis.
Walk With Ease – Self-Directed Recognized Remote Self-directed walking with lessons about physical activity and arthritis.
Camine Con Gusto Recognized In Person Spanish version of Walk with Ease (community-based walking with discussion about physical activity and arthritis).
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Recognized In Person Low-impact program to reduce pain and stiffness and improve balance, endurance, and coordination.
Tai Chi for Arthritis Recognized In Person Improve function, relieve pain, ease of use for older adults.
Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance Recognized In Person People who are at risk for falling and have balance disorders.
The Otago Exercise Program Recognized In-person/remote Strengthening, balance retraining, and walking to reduce falls and injuries among older adults, particularly those 80 years old and older.
Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) Recognized In-person/remote Improve strength, balance, and fitness; program is for adults 65 years-old and older.
GLA:D® Newly Recognized In-person GLA:D® is a combined physical activity (PA) and self-management education (SME) program led by a GLA:D® certified therapist. The PA component is a structured and progressive exercise program aimed at enhancing confidence, functional strength, balance, and movement control. The SME component addresses osteoarthritis and proven treatments, such as diet, pharmacological pain relievers, and surgery.
My Knee Exercise Program Newly Recognized Remote This program is designed to improve knee symptoms and is fully self-directed.
Self-Management Education Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Recognized In-person/Remote (undergoing evaluation) Arthritis, diabetes, lung, and heart disease management covering physical activity, appropriate use of medications, effective communication.
Tomando Control de su Salud Recognized In Person Spanish version of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.
Better Choices, Better Health ® Recognized Remote Chronic disease management, decision making, problem-solving, and action-planning.
Chronic Pain Self-Management Program Recognized In Person/Remote (undergoing evaluation) People with primary or secondary diagnosis of chronic pain.
Enhance®Wellness Recognized In Person Improve health and functional status of older adults with chronic conditions and disability.
Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) Recognized In Person Adults and older adults with depression; reduces symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation, improve quality of life.
Workplace Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Recognized In Person Workplace adaptation of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, improving self-management skills, physical and mental health indicators, and work performance of employees with at least one chronic condition.
Toolkit for Active Living with Chronic Pain Recognized Remote Mailed, self-directed toolkit for managing chronic pain; See the “Chronic Pain Self-Management Program” for program benefits
Toolkit for Active Living with Chronic Conditions Recognized Remote Mailed, self-directed toolkit for managing chronic conditions. See the “Chronic Disease Self-Management Program” for program benefits

To learn more about each of these programs, including how individuals can participate, and how organizations can apply to have their program evaluated for recognition as an arthritis-appropriate evidence-based intervention, please visit The OA Action Alliance website.