Arthritis on the Rise Infographic

Arthritis on the Rise

The number of US adults with arthritis increased from 54.4 million to 58.5 million.

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The number of US adults whose activities are limited because of arthritis increased faster than previously projected from 23.7 million to 25.7 million.

Physical activity can help ease arthritis symptoms and delay arthritis-related disability.

Physical activity can decrease pain, increase range of motion and function, and improve quality of life.

people being active

Among physically active US adults with arthritis, walking is the most common activity (71%), followed by gardening (13%), and weight lifting (7%).
33 percent

of US adults with arthritis are not physically active

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Guglielmo D, Murphy LB, Theis KA, et al. Walking and Other Common Physical Activities Among Adults with Arthritis — United States, 2019. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021; 70(40):1408-1414

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