Patient and Cycle Characteristics

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The information in this section is provided to help consumers navigate and understand the information presented online, explore clinic services, see the types of patients each clinic treats, and understand fertility clinic success rates based on the latest data from the National ART Surveillance System. To view pooled data from all US reporting clinics, select the link above or below the map on the main page. Pooled data from all reporting clinics provide a national summary of patient and cycle characteristics and ART success rates from all reporting clinics in the United States.

Patient and Cycle Characteristics

The Patient and Cycle Characteristics navigation tab summarizes the types of ART services performed and the kinds of patients who received ART procedures in a specific clinic. Using a drop-down menu, you can select a patient or cycle characteristic of interest. By selecting the Show National Data box, the characteristics from individual fertility clinic can be compared with the national data.

Patient characteristics include the following information:

Cycle characteristics include the following information: