2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report

The 2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) report provides an in-depth picture of the type, number, and outcome of ART cycles performed in U.S. fertility clinics. It also includes individual clinic tables that provide ART success rates and other information from each clinic. The report includes submitted and verified 2011 data and appendixes containing the results of data validation visits, technical notes, a glossary, and contact information for reporting and non-reporting clinics in the United States.

The data for this national report comes from the 451 fertility clinics reporting in 2011 that provided and verified data on the outcomes of all ART cycles started at their clinics. The 163,039* ART cycles performed at these reporting clinics in 2011 resulted in 47,818 live births (deliveries of one or more living infants) and 61,610 infants. Data provided by U.S. fertility clinics that use ART to treat infertility is a rich source of information about the factors that contribute to a successful ART treatment—the delivery of a live-born infant.

*Excludes banking cycles and cycles in which a new treatment procedure was being evaluated.

Please note starting with the 2010 data, the ART success rates were published in two separate reports.

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