Improving Antibiotic Use to Treat Tuberculosis (TB)

CDC works to improve antibiotic use in community settings. This work helps to combat antibiotic resistance and protect patients from infectious diseases like tuberculosis.

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Improving Antibiotic Use to Treat TB

Improving Antibiotic Use to Treat TB

CDC is providing critical support to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria by improving antibiotic use.

TB is spread through the air from one person to another. Tests are needed for each person sick with TB disease to determine if it is drug-resistant TB and what drugs will work. To treat TB, trained staff should observe patients as they take each dose of TB drugs through Directly Observed Therapy, which helps prevent resistance and makes sure patients are cured.

CDC Using Innovative Approach to Improve Patient Outcomes

CDC is leading a clinical trial to evaluate the use of smartphones or video to monitor treatment of patients with TB and ensure therapy is completed. These findings may improve patient outcomes and prevent development of resistance to TB drugs.

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