Why and How to Become a Partner

Partners are critical to helping CDC raise awareness about the importance of improving antibiotic use and preventing antibiotic-resistant infections. Antibiotic resistance is considered a top health threat and there are only a handful of solutions. Key strategies for combatting antibiotic resistance include decreasing overuse and misuse of antibiotics. These strategies require a multidimensional effort involving partners around the country.

Working with CDC offers many benefits to partners, including:

  • Public recognition as a partner of CDC’s appropriate antibiotic use effort
  • Access to CDC’s scientific expertise
  • Information and resources sharing with CDC and other partners
  • Use of CDC educational materials
  • Use of CDC national media campaign products
  • Networking opportunities
  • Improved health of constituents
  • Improved quality of patient care
  • Cost reductions (i.e., due to decreased antibiotic prescriptions, decreased outpatient doctor visits)

To be added to our partner list to receive updates on antibiotic resistance and use and how your organization can be involved, email antibioticuse@cdc.gov.