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Medscape Commentaries

Dr. William Bower Updated Recommendations for Prevention and Treatment of Anthrax
Posting date: May 27, 2014
In this video commentary, Dr. William A. Bower outlines key points from CDC’s updated prevention and treatment recommendations for anthrax in adults.

Bacteria growing in petri dish Anthrax in Children: Prevention and Treatment
Posting date
: May 27, 2014
In this text commentary, experts from CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics explain new recommendations for the clinical management of anthrax in children.

Chest x-ray image Anthrax in Pregnancy: Protecting Mother and Baby
Posting date
: May 27, 2014
In this text commentary, Dr. Dana M. Meaney-Delman comments on the special considerations for preventing and treating anthrax in pregnant, postpartum, and lactating women.