AMD Scientific Superhero Posters

The Office of AMD developed a series of Scientific Superhero posters to explain the disciplines involved in advanced molecular detection. The posters feature silhouettes of scientists performing the 3 key disciplines of AMD: epidemiology, genome sequencing, and bioinformatics. The accompanying text describes the role of scientists in advancing public health.

You can order FREE Scientific Superhero posters (AMD, Bioinformatics, Genome Sequencing and Epidemiology) for your home, office, university, or lab at CDC-INFO on Demand.

Genome Sequencing

image of amd superhero poster for social media- PulseNet

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PDF for printing: PulseNet Cdc-pdf[PDF – 4 MB]


thumbnail of amd superhero poster -  ebola

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PDF for printing: Ebola Cdc-pdf[PDF – 3 MB]


thumbnail of amd superhero poster -  zika

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PDF for printing: Zika Cdc-pdf[PDF – 2 MB]

Optical Mapping
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