Survival and cause of death among a cohort of confirmed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cases

Affiliates Susan T. Paulukonis [1], Eric M. Roberts [1], Jhaqueline P. Valle [1], Natalie N. Collins [1], Paul B. English [2], Wendy E. Kaye [3]


[1] California Environmental Health Tracking Program, Public Health Institute
[2] California Environmental Health Tracking Program, California Department of Public Health
[3] McKing Consulting Corporation

Journal PLoS One
Summary Data on a cohort of ALS cases diagnosed between 2009 and 2011 were collected as part of the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan ALS Surveillance projects; death records from 2009–2013 were linked to these confirmed cases to determine survival post diagnosis and factors associated with survival time. A total of 618 cases were identified with 283 deaths recorded during the follow-up period. Older age at diagnosis was a predictor of survival time.
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