Effects of demographic factors on survival time after a diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Affiliates Heather Jordan [1,2], Jerald Fagliano [1], Lindsay Rechtman [1,2], Daniel Lefkowitz [1], and Wendy Kaye [2]


[1] Environmental and Occupational Health Surveillance Program, New Jersey Department of Health
[2] McKing Consulting Corporation

Journal Neuroepidemiology
Summary This study characterized the vital status of a cohort of incident ALS cases to further understand the relationship between certain demographic factors and survival. A cohort of persons living with ALS within New Jersey from 2009-2011 were followed for outcome assessment till December 31, 2013. Among the identified 456 cases, 64% died by follow-up completion. Median survival from diagnosis was estimated to be 21 months with older age being a stronger predictor of mortality.
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