Researcher Biorepository Information

ATSDR has developed an online tool for researchers to request samples from the National ALS Biorepository. The samples come from persons living with ALS enrolled in the National ALS Registry and, when available, can be linked to epidemiological data (e.g., smoking history, residential history, occupational history, and history of military service) collected by the Registry. ATSDR would like to invite researchers to apply for samples and data collected from persons living with ALS.

ATSDR will not consider any research that does not have IRB approval and an FDA IND or IDE number for an investigational test article, if applicable. Once submitted, ATSDR will review the application for completeness, sample availability, and relevance to ALS research. It will then be evaluated by an internal/external scientific panel.

The Registry web portal provides a tool for researchers to track the status of their applications. ATSDR estimates the approval process could take up to 60 business days from the receipt of a complete application.

To learn more about how to request samples visit the Registry Research Application page