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Materials for Patients

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Patient Brochures

Now’s the time to find out about PrEP/PEP
This pocket brochure provides information about both PrEP and PEP and provides patients with useful tips on what to ask their health care provider.

Taking PrEP – A Daily Pill to Reduce Your Risk of Getting HIV
This booklet provides your patients with detailed information about how PrEP prevents HIV infection, including regimen, side effects, safety, health insurance coverage, and available resources.

Paying for PrEP

The cost of PrEP is covered by most health insurance programs and Medicaid. But, if a patient has PrEP-related out-of-pocket expenses like copays or deductibles, a copay assistance program can help cover the costs of the medication. Copay assistance may be obtained from the drug manufacturer, a nonprofit copay foundation, or both.

If your patient’s health insurance plan does not cover the cost of PrEP, a medication assistance program may provide financial assistance to eligible patients to pay for the medication. Eligibility for some programs are based on the patient’s annual income. Typically, income limits are not fixed but instead based on the federal poverty level which may change each year. For most medication assistance programs, household income must fall below 400% or 500% of the federal poverty level.

Additional PrEP Resources

Help with Insurance Copays

Help Paying for Medication

State-based PrEP Assistance Programs

Other PrEP Resources