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Prevention IS Care offers practice tips, organized by topic, for treating and caring for patients living with HIV.

Tips to Increase Retention in Care among HIV-Infected Patients

HIV care providers can help increase retention in care by:

  • Communicating with patients nonjudgmentally to identify their specific barriers to retention.
  • Guiding patients to identify possible changes that would eliminate or reduce the barrier.
  • Strategizing with patients to identify new goals and healthy behaviors.

To foster patient trust, health care providers can:

  • Engage with patients in a direct, nonjudgmental, and supportive manner.
  • Use open-ended questions to involve patients in decision making regarding their HIV treatment and overall care.
  • Include simple actions during patient encounters to foster communication, such as asking how a patient prefers to be addressed.

HIV care providers have the opportunity to allow open communication and collaborative decision making by:

  • Encouraging patients to access resources and solve problems independently.
  • Fostering discussions about substance use, sexual behavior, and mental health.
  • Providing referrals when appropriate, and assessing patient willingness to complete the referral.