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Prevention IS Care

A growing number of people are living longer with HIV, with fewer AIDS-related complications and deaths. As patients live longer with HIV, preventing transmission remains a critical element of care to protect both their health and that of their partners. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Prevention IS Care campaign is designed to encourage health care providers to integrate brief discussions, or “small talks,” about ongoing medical care, antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, and safer sexual behaviors into every office visit.

Prevention IS Care provides evidence-based tools—including educational brochures, in-practice tools, continuing medical programs, and additional resources such as exam room wall posters—to assist health care providers in motivating their patients to live longer, healthier lives through retention in care, ART initiation and adherence, as well as avoiding co-infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In addition to protecting their own health, this will also help to reduce HIV transmission to others.

Access Provider and Patient Materials

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Find tools that can be used on a daily basis with patients who are living with HIV. Order or download evidence-based educational brochures, and educational patient aids and other tools for use in clinical practice to help motivate patients to live longer, healthier lives and prevent transmission.


Earn Free CME Credit

How Mental Health and Substance Use Impact HIV Treatment and Care, A New CME Program from CDC and Medscape Education

Learn how HIV care providers can identify and address mental health and substance use disorders to help patients adhere to HIV treatment and remain in care.


Learn About Prevention IS Care

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Prevention IS Care encourages health care providers to regularly engage patients in “small talks,” to reinforce positive behaviors, uncover barriers to ongoing care and treatment, and facilitate additional information and referrals to services and resources.


Download the Prevention IS Care Slide Deck

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View the downloadable Prevention IS Care slide deck that can be used for medical talks or for teaching purposes. Designed for HIV care providers, this slide deck presents evidence-based information that includes retention in care, ART initiation and adherence, safer sexual behaviors, STD acquisition and HIV, referrals resources, and additional topics that impact the care and treatment of patients living with HIV.


Act Against AIDS

Other Resources for Patients

Other Resources for Patients

Explore HIV Treatment Works patient materials to help patients get in care and stay in care.

What is HIV Fatigue?

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Read Dr. W. David Hardy’s article in HIV Specialist, What Do We Mean by HIV Fatigue?

Case on the Web

Case on the Web

Antiretroviral Therapy: Caring for HIV-Infected Patients and Prevention HIV Transmission. A Case on the Web from ISA-USA.