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Losing a Dad, But Keeping a Mom


Nearly 20 years ago, both of my parents found out (shortly after I was born) that they were infected with HIV. I was immediately tested and was blessed to not have also gotten the virus from them. Almost 20 years later, I've lost a father and had the fortune of keeping a mother. My dad died just after I turned 4 from complications of AIDS. I never really got to know him and I really wish I had had that opportunity, but I have been so blessed to still have my mom with me. She has been living with HIV for about two decades and she is going strong. She just finished her first 10k and she is going to participate in her first half marathon at Disney World for her 50th birthday. I am so proud of her and she is living proof that people in this day and age can live with HIV. It is sometimes unreal for me to think about. She is just like any other mom, any other person, and I am so grateful that she has been successfully fighting HIV because I don't know what I'd do without her. HIV/AIDS claimed the life of my dad, but it has yet to take control of the life of my mom.

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