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I Thought It Wouldn't Happen To Me


My name is Kevin and I was diagnosed with HIV in March 1988. I was in the process of getting married, so I went to get a blood test for the marriage license. That's when I was told that I was HIV positive. At 22 I did not think HIV would happen to me, but it did.

I had to bring my fiance in to the doctors office for the doctor to inform her of my HIV status, which I had already told her prior to our going. My fiance was also 3 months pregnant at the time. Thankfully at that time she did not test positive, however, four years later she became positive. There was not much education on HIV and my then wife had lost the baby she was carrying. We were trying to have another baby is the reason she became infected.

My wife passed away in July 2004 because she remained in denial about her HIV status and she did not want to get the help she needed to stay healthy and alive.

I found out a couple of years after my diagnosis who infected me. I was engaging in unprotected sex with other men. I guess I would be considered a Down Low guy during that time. I now live my life as a gay man.

I currently work in the field of HIV and have been for the past 10 years in Counseling & Testing. I encourage people to get tested and know their status. This includes my family, friends and church members.

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