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A Parent's Story


My son was diagnosed with HIV last year. Not to sound overly religious, but God is great. It takes a lot of courage to make it through finding out you have this disease, but with prayers and family or a good counselor you will be able to make it through.

I would like to also state that my son became HIV-positive from getting oral sex unprotected from a female that had some dental work done the day before they had sex. This sounds strange, but it is true. I would just like for people to be more informed about the different ways you can get HIV.

I felt bad because I have always talked openly with my children about sex. But I neglected to talk more about oral sex and the importance of being careful when participating in this act of lovemaking or when just having sex.

We have been blessed to be able to get my son's medicines which are really expensive. He takes them faithfully every day; and recently his blood test showed no signs of the disease.

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