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What Organizations Can Do to Help End HIV Stigma

What Organizations Can Do

Help Educate Others

Looking for ways to get involved with the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign? Help share information with others in your community to raise awareness about HIV stigma and how to address it.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


    • Download and embed these campaign web banners and videos on your website, blog, social media channels, and other digital outlets.
    • Share information with your social media followers about HIV stigma.

      Sample Facebook Posts & Tweets

      • Small gestures go a long way to help end HIV stigma. A handshake or hug can say “you matter, not your HIV status.” #StopHIVStigma
      • An HIV stigma-free future for everyone can begin with family. When’s the last time you’ve talked about HIV at home? #StopHIVTogether
      • A welcoming community can make such a difference for someone living with HIV. What are ways we can all build support today? #StopHIVStigma
      • I’m planning to get tested for HIV soon. When’s the last time you got tested, and what was your experience like? #StopHIVTogether

      Sample Instagram Posts

    • Follow the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign social media pages and repost content on your own social media outlets.
    • Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Pages
      We encourage you to follow us on social media to stay up to date on Let’s Stop HIV Together activities, share the campaign’s content, and connect with others.
      Facebook: @ActAgainstAIDS
      Twitter: @TalkHIV
      Instagram: @ActAgainstAIDS

At Local Events

  • Order or download free campaign materials to use at local events and other activities.
  • Co-Brand Materials to promote the campaign and your local efforts.
    • Campaign materials in print, digital, and video format are currently available for co-branding.
    • To find out if your organization is eligible for co-branding, email the CDC Let’s Stop HIV Together team at Please indicate which campaign materials you want to co-brand.
  • Request Let’s Stop HIV Together posters, pop-up banners, and photo backdrops to use at an event.
  • Talk to others about HIV stigma and about the Let’s Stop HIV Together Download our stigma language guide and stigma scenarios as resources to share.

Partner with the Campaign to Expand Your Efforts

There are many ways to connect and partner with the campaign to help you increase the impact of your HIV prevention and stigma work in the communities you serve. Interested in learning about partnership opportunities? Please contact the Let’s Stop HIV Together team at