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HIV Screening. Standard Care.

Because HIV crosses the boundaries of sexual orientation, gender, age, and ethnicity, risk-based testing fails to identify many people with HIV. Therefore, CDC recommends HIV screening for everyone in all health care settings. The HIV Screening. Standard Care. program, which is a part of CDC’s Act Against AIDS communication campaign, provides tools and resources for incorporating HIV testing into primary care settings.

To make printing easier, new versions of the campaign materials are now available in standard 8.5” x 11” sizes suitable for home or office printers. Existing versions of the campaign materials continue to be available to download, print, or order through CDC-INFO. A PDF symbol designates materials available for download or printing.


This poster for patient waiting areas and/or exam rooms highlights the importance of HIV screening for all people.

Posters (Home/Office Printing)


This brochure for patients provides information on who is at risk for HIV, ways to prevent HIV, the HIV test, and the recommendation for all patients to receive an HIV test at least once and more frequently if they are at high risk (e.g. those with multiple or HIV-infected partners).

Brochures (Home/Office Printing)


Partner Services Brochures

These brochures provide information on how to inform partners about their exposure to HIV using Partner Services. Partner Services is a free resource that can ensure sex or drug-injection partners know of their exposure and help them gain early access to testing for HIV and other STDs, counseling, medical care, and treatment to avoid infecting others.

Sexual History Tool

  • Sexual History Tool thumbnail Sexual History Tool
    Developed by the National Medical Association, this 7 item questionnaire helps providers incorporate brief sexual health histories as part of the routine care of their patients.

Resources Guide

Annotated Guide

HIV Screening. Standard Care. Annotated Guide An annotated guide to CDC’s September 2006 Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults, Adolescents, and Pregnant Women in Health-Care Settings; a variety of national resources for physicians, including Annals of Internal Medicine guidance statements on HIV screening from the American College of Physicians and the HIV Medicine Association and a booklet on coding for HIV tests from the American Medical Association and the American Academy for HIV Medicine.

Other CDC Act Against AIDS Provider Campaigns

Discrimination based on HIV is illegal. For more information, visit