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DoingItMyWay - Testing for HIV -

Tell Us How You’re Doing It

Use the hashtag #DoingItMyWay to tell the world how you get tested for HIV. You might even see your message on our social wall below!

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Everybody’s doing it. How about you? Find Free, Fast, and Confidential Testing Near You.

Doing It My Way Toolkit

The Doing It My Way Toolkit [PDF – 7 MB] features sample social media posts in English and Spanish, the Doing It and Doing It My Way image library, animated gifs, and a full promotional video.

Popular #DoingItMyWay Posts From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Regular HIV testing helps keep you and your community healthy. How do you get tested for HIV — at home, the clinic, with someone you care about?  Learn more about the campaign and tell us when, where or how you’re #DoingItMyWay.

  • NMACCommunity Twitter Feed

    An estimated 20% of American Indians living with HIV do not know they’re positive according to @CDCgov. NMAC #LeadswithRace to #EndHIV. #gettested #DoingItMyWay #native

    Man standing with text. Text on image reads:

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  • Billy L. Sharp Facebook Feed

    We have to get to work: Act Against AIDS at the 2018 National Urban League Conference in Columbus, OH! Show your support for the campaign and encourage others to learn more about the importance of HIV testing. Can you share this photo on your social media???? #goodstuff #ActAgainstAIDS #DoingItMyWay #PACT4HIV #SaveOurCities

    Man wearing professional attire holding a sign that says
  • UrbanLeagueHR Twitter Feed

    You don’t need to study for this. Talk about #HIV testing with your partner and find a place to test near you like the Urban Leage of Hampton Roads. For national info click #DoingItMyWay

    Photo of a woman in front of a chalkboard covered in complex formulas. Text: Me trying to figure out the least awkward way to ask bae about his HIV status. #DoingIt
  • @pozmagazine Twitter Feed

    #DoingItMyWay HIV Testing While Traveling @shawndecker

    #DoingItMyWay HIV Testing While Traveling
  • Idaho Health and Welfare Facebook Feed

    A month ago today was National HIV Testing Day, but we’re still encouraging you to get tested for HIV, know your status and get linked to care or treatment. Here are resources for you to make sure you are #DoingItMyWay:

  • Lulaclambda Twitter Feed

    At the 89th National LULAC Convention with LULAC Lambda Members supporting HIV Testing among Latinx Leaders! Ya es hora Gente! Know Your Status! #DoingItMyWay #HaciendoloAMiManera #PACT4HIV #LULAC18

    Three men holding props and signs that say:
  • TalkHIV Twitter Feed

    Happy birthday to our Doing It ambassador @shawndecker! Thank you (and Gwenn!) for showing the world how you’re #DoingItMyWay and being a champion for #HIV prevention and treatment for the past two decades.

    A male and female are holding a cup and mug with liquid in a coffee shop setting. Text on images reads:

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  • NMAC Instagram Feed

    Latinx account for 24% of new #HIV diagnoses. Defy the statistics. NMAC #LeadswithRace to #EndHIV. #latinx #gettested #DoingItMyWay

    Woman in a thinking pose. Text on image reads:

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  • RepMikeQuigley Twitter Feed

    Click here for more info on how to incorporate #HIV testing into your #healthcare routine, and why so many Americans are taking the pledge to #GetTested in 2018: #DoingItMyWay #EndHIV

  • @CDCDirector Twitter Feed

    You can use these #DoingItMyWay resources to promote #HIV testing in your community and online network.

    A collage of men and women of various races, ethnicities and age groups with text,

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  • TalkHIV Twitter Feed profile

    You’re unique and so are the stories you tell. And we want to hear them.
    Tell us how you’re Doing It. Use #DoingItMyWay to share how or why you get tested for #HIV. You might see your message on

    people who are #DoingItMyWay

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  • HZ Josue Twitter profile

    I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves, and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act. -@JanetMock #LetsTalkHIV #HIVawareness #HIV #AIDS #DoingIt #DoingItMyWay

  • @CDC_HIVAIDS Twitter Feed

    As @CDC_HIVAIDS Director, I encourage everyone to know their #HIV status. Knowing your status is powerful information! #DoingItMyWay reminds us there are many ways to get tested for HIV.

    Man holding a sign with text:

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  • Twitter Feed

    What’s #DoingItMyWay? It’s about sharing on social media why #HIV testing is important to you, the things that motivate you to get tested and stay healthy, and how you get tested. Show us how you’re #DoingItMyWay by using the hashtag!

    Share Your Story. Use #DoingItMyWay to share how or why you get tested for HIV. #DoingItMyWay

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  • Act Against AIDS - Talk HIV - Twitter Feed

    We enjoyed meeting many of you at #LatinxPride and learning how you’re #DoingItMyWay! #HIV

    Two women posing in a photobooth. Act Against AIDS. #DoingItMyWay Testing for HIV

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  • @CDCDirector Twitter Feed

    For more than 30 years, I’ve worked to end #HIV. I continue to do so by encouraging people to know their HIV status. This #HIVTestingDay, share why getting tested is important to you to encourage others. #DoingItMyWay.

    Montage of campaign photos. We're Doing It, Testing for HIV. #DoingIt HHS, CDC, Act Against AIDS

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  • @DrMermindCDC Twitter Feed

    Please see #CDC’s feature on National #HIVTestingDay! This year’s theme, #DoingItMyWay, Testing for HIV, reminds us that there are many ways of Doing It and learning our HIV status.

    June 27: National HIV Testing Day. Get tested. Share your story. Use the hashtag. #DoingItMyWay Act Against AIDS

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  • @DrDeanCDC Twitter Feed

    It doesn’t matter where, when, or how… as long as you do it! National #HIVTestingDay is June 27. Share your story about why you get tested for HIV. Use hashtag #DoingItMyWay.

    June 27: National HIV Testing Day. Get tested. Share your story. Use the hashtag. #DoingItMyWay Act Against AIDS

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  • Act Against AIDS - Talk HIV - Twitter Feed

    Prefer Doing It on the weekend? Some #HIV testing centers have weekend hours! It’s fast, confidential, and often free. Find a testing site near you and share how you’re #DoingItMyWay:

    Doing It My Way, testing for HIV. Act Against AIDS. Happy weekend.

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  • Act Against AIDS

    What motivates you to make HIV testing part of your health routine? Use #DoingItMyWay to tell the world why YOU get tested for HIV.

  • Got a special way you do it?

    Have fun sharing your own unique way of getting HIV tested and help us change the world. #DoingItMyWay

    Select a social network to share your post on:
    Social Media
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  • Act Against AIDS - Talk HIV - Twitter Feed

    Learn which #HIV test is best for you and your situation. When you’re #DoingIt, you have important information that can keep you healthy and protect others. 

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Act Against AIDS

#DoingItMyWay is a part of the Act Against AIDS initiative, created to build awareness nationally for HIV testing and prevention. The message — HIV testing should be a part of every adult’s health routine to know our status and keep ourselves and our communities healthy. Learn more.

The social media posts on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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