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DoingItMyWay - Testing for HIV -

Tell Us How You’re Doing It

Use the hashtag #DoingItMyWay to tell the world how you get tested for HIV. You might even see your message on our social wall below!

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Everybody’s doing it. How about you? Find Free, Fast, and Confidential Testing Near You.

Popular #DoingItMyWay Posts From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Regular HIV testing helps keep you and your community healthy. How do you get tested for HIV — at home, the clinic, with someone you care about?  Learn more about the campaign and tell us when, where or how you’re #DoingItMyWay.

  • Shawn and Gwenn - Facebook Feed

    We do it all over town. #HIVTesting #DoingItMyWay

    Man and Woman couple selfie picture.
  • Act Against AIDS

    What motivates you to make HIV testing part of your health routine? Use #DoingItMyWay to tell the world why YOU get tested for HIV.

  • Got a special way you do it?

    Have fun sharing your own unique way of getting HIV tested and help us change the world. #DoingItMyWay

    Select a social network to share your post on:
    Social Media
    facebook twitter
  • Act Against AIDS - Talk HIV - Twitter Feed

    Learn which #HIV test is best for you and your situation. When you’re #DoingIt, you have important information that can keep you healthy and protect others. 

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  • “I do it … like clockwork.”

    Chandi #HIVTesting

  • @healthylatina Instagram Feed

    My dog Tchaikovsky knows where I do it. HIV testing in the neighborhood. #DoingItMyWay

    Woman walking her dog in Chicago neighborhood.
  • Act Against AIDS - Talk HIV - Twitter Feed

    Making sure you & your partner know your #HIV status is a relationship win-win: #DoingIt

    When he says he got tested… but not for HIV. Bye. #DoingIt

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  • I do it with my friends. Especially if someone I know hasn’t been tested before, I go along so they feel comfortable. Find the place that’s right for you and get tested. #DoingItMyWay

    @_youngkiing  #HIVTesting

Act Against AIDS

#DoingItMyWay is a part of the Act Against AIDS initiative, created to build awareness nationally for HIV testing and prevention. The message — HIV testing should be a part of every adult’s health routine to know our status and keep ourselves and our communities healthy. Learn more.

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