Director of the Office of Communications (OC)

Office of Communications (OC)

From the Director

The Office of Communications (OC) supports CDC’s 24/7 work and communication efforts to protect America’s safety, health, and security. Our office [PDF – 122 KB] is driven by CDC’s communication principles and the mission and organizational goals listed below. I invite you to learn more about OC, our success measures, and our numerous communication channels.

Kevin Griffis
Director of the Office of Communications, CDC

Kevin Griffis

OC’s Mission

Leading customer-centered, science-based, and high-impact communication.

OC’s Organizational Goals

  • Maximize strategic communication across CDC.
  • Ensure CDC’s work is accessible, understandable, and actionable.
  • Maximize public trust in and credibility of CDC’s science, programs, and recommendations.

OC Dashboard

Key Communication Indicators