CDC′s Work Saves Lives Everywhere, Every Day

CDC 24/7

CDC’s mission, simply put, is to keep Americans safe and healthy where they work, live and play. Scientists and disease detectives work around the world to track diseases, research outbreaks, respond to emergencies of all kinds, and use what they learn from this work to strengthen America′s health and resilience.

Diseases and Disasters Have No Borders

CDC lab worker testing an egg

CDC lab worker testing an egg

CDC scientists and disease detectives are deployed globally because outbreaks that start in remote corners of the world can travel to the US as quickly as a plane can fly. In a pandemic or a health crisis of any kind, time is precious. CDC experts available where and when a problem first occurs can potentially save hundreds, even thousands, from illness, injury or death. Investing and acting globally enables CDC to be better prepared to combat any threat to the health and safety of American citizens, no matter where in the world it might first arise.

Page last reviewed: May 13, 2019