CDC Protects People from Disease and Injury

Back in 1946, the Communicable Disease Center, as the agency was then known, was created from a wartime agency devoted to malaria control. Today, the nation′s prevention agency works 24/7 protecting people from diseases, injuries, and disabilities, as well as other health problems associated with natural disasters and bioterrorism attacks.

A Strong Public Health System is a Critical Investment

If experience is the best teacher, then CDC′s rich history has served to further strengthen and prepare public health experts for what lies ahead. What we do know is that we cannot afford to lose our momentum in preparing for the unexpected. Whether we are talking about infectious outbreaks that threaten our economy and security or preventable chronic diseases that drain our productivity and quality of life, the cost of failing to maintain a strong public health system would greatly affect the national bottom line.

CDC 24/7

Photo of mother and baby preparing to get a vaccine shot.

Page last reviewed: May 13, 2019