I Am CDC - Meet the Staff

CDC is one organization, but its success and stature as the most respected government agency is thanks to the more than 50,000 people who have worked at CDC since its beginning in 1946. It is the daily work of individual staff members, physicians, epidemiologists, communication specialists, lab scientists, accountants, lawyers, administration professionals, and countless other disciplines that makes the agency hum with efficiency and productivity.

“I Am CDC” focuses on individuals across the agency whose day-to-day dedication and hard work make CDC a better organization, making the point that regardless of where they work or what they do, each person has a role however small or large, in improving the public’s health and protecting Americans from health threats. These videos are also be used for recruitment, hopefully spurring interest in a career in public health, regardless of the professional field of potential candidates.

View I Am CDC Collection on CDC Streaming Health’s YouTube Channel

I Am CDC - Joe Smith play video

I Am CDC - Joe Smith

I Am CDC - Janet McAllister play video

I Am CDC - Janet McAllister

Alaine Knipes play video

I Am CDC - Alaine Knipes

Amanda MacGurn play video

Amanda MacGurn

Kiersten Kugeler play video

Kiersten Kugeler

Eduardo O'Neill play video

Eduardo O'Neill

Anu Rajasingham play video

Anu Rajasingham

Neil Vora play video

Neil Vora

Alice Wang play video

Alice Wang

Matt Stockton play video

Matt Stockton

Tsega Gebreyesus play video

Tsega Gebreyesus

Jennifer Freed play video

Jennifer Freed

Deidre Mallett play video

Deidre Mallett

Shirley Ding play video

Shirley Ding

Christine Godfrey play video

Christine Godfrey

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