Guidelines for Requesting Isolates

  • Review the ABCs Isolate Bank information and then contact the CDC/ATSDR Specimen Packaging, Inventory and Repository (CASPIR).
  • Ask CASPIR:
    • To provide instructions (“ABCs Isolate Request Guidelines”) on how to officially request isolates and
    • To include a description of available isolates and parameters (“Isolate Information Available”) which should help you (the requestor) to focus your request.
  • After receiving the above information from CASPIR:
    • Define the number and type of isolates needed*.
    • Include your current professional affiliation and a brief summary plan of your use of the strains.

CDC will work with the requestor to complete a material transfer agreement (MTA) or User Fee that will limit dissemination of bacterial isolates after they leave CASPIR.

*CASPIR charges requestors for isolates if the isolates will be used by a for-profit organization. All requestors are required to pay shipping fees.