What is the ABCs Isolate Bank?

The Active Bacterial Core surveillance (ABCs) Isolate Bank is an extensive collection of isolates for some ABCs pathogens. Learn more about ABCs.

ABCs sites send bacterial isolates from a normally sterile site (e.g., blood, cerebrospinal fluid) to CDC and partner reference laboratories for antibiotic susceptibility testing and serotyping. Identifying data are limited to ensure that all information associated with the isolates is anonymous.

The ABCs Isolate Bank is a joint project of CDC’s Division of Bacterial Diseases, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, and the CDC Biorepository – or CBR.

For information about ABCs pathogen resistance to select antibiotics, please visit Bact Facts Interactive. Choose the pathogen of interest and then the topic “Antibiotic resistance.”

Why is the isolate bank of interest?

The ABCs Isolate Bank contains carefully collected and preserved isolates and crucial laboratory, clinical, and demographic data. These data help further research in a variety of fields, without typical limitations. This isolate bank offers unique research opportunities to investigate scientific questions extending beyond routine surveillance.

Where are isolates stored?

Isolates are stored in a restricted-access facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with 24-hour monitoring. All specimen storage units, which staff regularly monitor, are equipped with computerized climate control sensors. The shipping and handling process is also executed with maximum professionalism and detailed care.

How can my institution or I have access to the isolates?

CDC isolate bank custodians review requests for isolates prior to approval and release. CDC strictly enforces a limited distribution policy that prohibits the secondary distribution of ABCs isolates to third-party researchers. Please contact us for the current price per isolate, which applies to for-profit institutions only.

For more information on isolate availability and data, please review ABCs Isolates Currently Available. Isolate requests can be submitted through the online isolate request form.