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HIV Among Youth in the U.S.

Young gay and bisexual males at greatest risk for HIV

Young gay and bisexual males at greatest risk for HIV

Most new HIV infections in youth (about 70%) occur in gay and bisexual males; most are African Americans.

Sexually active young gay and bisexual males

  • Have higher risk for getting HIV if they are having sex with older or multiple partners, using drugs or alcohol, or not using condoms during every sexual encounter.
  • Should get an HIV test at least every year. Those at greater risk could benefit from testing as often as every 3 to 6 months.
  • Aren’t always getting HIV prevention education that is accurate and effective.
  • For HIV information for youth, contact your local community health center or state health department, or visit CDC’s website ( or msmhealth/).

HIV Affects Everyone

  • Risk for HIV
  • not knowing the fact or personal risk
  • having sex
  • alcohol or drug use with sex
  • sex with older partners who may be more likely to be infected
  • injecting drugs
  • no condoms
  • not tested
  • not treated