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CDCynergy: Violence Prevention Edition

  CDCynergy cover When we are engaged in health communication planning, following a well-defined and proven framework is advantageous. CDCynergy is designed to help violence prevention program planners conceptualize, plan, and develop health communication programs. This edition of CDCynergy is ideal for those interested in developing prevention programs on the issues of child abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and youth violence. CDCynergy's six phases will help you plan a well-designed health communication plan tailored to the specific needs of your selected violence issue and audience.

How will CDCynergy benefit me?

You can benefit from using CDCynergy in three ways.

First, by following each phase and the steps within each phase, you will be able to create a quality health communication plan that addresses your particular needs and issues.

Second, if you are under time constraints or feel you have a good grasp on your communication plans, then you can use the "lite" version to supplement or complete your health communication activities.

Finally, CDCynergy puts an array of violence prevention-related resource materials and tools right at your fingertips. Included on the disc are guidelines on how to conduct focus groups, a glossary of terms that you can familiarize yourself with, four case examples of how other organizations have planned, implemented, and evaluated violence-prevention campaigns, examples of existing media campaign materials (radio and television PSAs, posters, brochures) from across the violence prevention spectrum, and more. Choose those that fit your health communication interests.

What computer specifications do I need?

CDCynergy is designed for:

  • Pentium Series 266 MHz or higher
  • CD drive (24x recommended)
  • 32 Mb RAM (64 Mb recommended)
  • Windows®NT 4.0, 2000, or XP
  • Adobe ®Acrobat ®Reader (included on the CD)
  • Shockwave ®player (included on the CD)
  • RealPlayer ®(included on the CD)
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer 6)
  • Screen Display: 800 x 600 pixels, in thousands of colors

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