Image Sharing


Image sharing is a valuable social media tool for sharing information and making public health resources available to the public. Image sharing often involves posting images (photos, artwork, etc.) to public Web sites where they can be viewed, tagged, categorized, and even used by others.

Image sharing at CDC

CDC not only participates in public image sharing sites, but has also created its own site to share public health images.

Public Health Image Library
Photo: Mosquito

Public Health Image Library (PHIL)– The Public Health Image Library, or PHIL, was designed to share CDC public health images. PHIL offers an organized, universal electronic gateway to CDC’s pictures. CDC welcomes public health professionals, the media, laboratory scientists, educators, students, and the public to use this material for reference, teaching, presentations, and public health messages. PHIL content is organized into hierarchical categories of people, places, and science, and is presented as single images, image sets, and multimedia files.


infographicsInfographics– CDC encourages the strategic use of infographics when the message is more visual in nature and requires more than data or charts to communicate successfully to the target audience.

Screen capture: Flickr

Flickr– View the CDC “photostream” on Flickr, a Web site designed for public image sharing. CDC images include public health photos and graphics developed for public health events that users can comment on and share.

Page last reviewed: December 27, 2019