Data & Metrics


Understanding communications channels is imperative to conducting strategic, effective and user-centric health interventions, campaigns and outreach. CDC’s Metrics Dashboard provides important insights to develop social media strategies. Metrics Dashboard has a metrics “dashboard” Web site that highlights performance data about and many of the interactive media tools being used to increase the impact and reach of CDC science. The dashboard provides easy access to measures that illustrate the use of CDC’s eHealth products.

Be sure to check out this feature and learn more about usage and the growing implementation of new media tools, including:

  • Overall Page Views, Page Visits, Time Spent, and Web Campaigns
  • Customer Satisfaction Scores (ACSI)
  • Social Media Products: Web 2.0 Tools (podcasts, widgets, eCards, and CDC-TV)
  • Top Search Keywords (Internal and External)
  • Top Referrers (Inbound Links) to
  • Most Popular Pages on
Page last reviewed: November 5, 2015