Inventory of National Injury Data Systems

Below is a list of 45 different federal data systems operated by 16 different agencies and 3 private injury registry systems that provide nationwide injury-related data. Each data system is listed along with the agency or organization and associated web sites. You can get additional information about survey/surveillance methods and findings by clicking on the URL. Data systems are organized according by topic. Some data systems are listed more than once relevant to different violence- and injury-related topics. Data systems that have state-based data are noted with an asterisk (*).
Behavioral Risk Factors/Injury Incidence

  • Behavioral Risk Factor Survey System (BRFSS)*, CDC-NCCDPHP, annual survey
  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)*, CDC-NCCDPHP, biennual school-based survey for state/local, occasional national survey
  • Injury Control and Risk of Injury Survey (ICARIS I, II, II½ ), CDC-NCIPC, periodic survey
    Conducted by NCIPC. No web site available.
  • National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), CDC-NCHS, annual household survey

Injury Morbidity Data

Injury Deaths-Death Certificates

Automotive/Transport Injury Data

Automotive Behavioral Injury Data

Occupational Injury Data

Violent Death Data

Crime and Victimization Data

Drug Abuse Data

Other Injury Data


Trauma care/poisoning data